Dinner Menu

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- Gluten free item, as we cook to order many other items can be prepared gluten free, please ask your server.

RARE: Red Cool Center, MEDIUM RARE: Red Warm Center, MEDIUM: Pink Center, MEDIUM WELL: Slight Pink Center, WELL: Cooked Through - Steak and Lobster entrees are served with Spencer's broiled herb tomato and your choice of Bearnaise, aged port wine reduction or green peppercorn sauce.

Celebrate holiday parties and special occasions up to 250 guests at Spencer's. Ask about the view from our Bougainvillea Room.
Plate Splitting Charge $5.
20% gratuity on parties of eight or more.
Maximum 4 checks per table, please.
All menu items available for take-out.
(Excluding Holidays)
We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.
Valet Parking Is Available.